Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A short review of "5e-ish retroclones" by Robot Goblin

Robot Goblin has posted a short review of three old school games with modern mechanics.

I am slightly peeved that 5TD gets full credit for "every class, and all core rules fit on a single spread or page" when I've sweated blood, sweat and keyboard-ink to achieve the same for ItU (if I hadn't been so slow to produce the thing, I could have claimed credit ahead of Necrotic Gnome for this!).

But mostly I am glad to see someone else recognise the effort I put into book 4. 
"But Book 4: Running the Game is worth the price of admission, even if you ditched everything else. I think it may be the cleanest, most interesting guide to running a game I’ve ever read and incorporates outside thinking like Fronts from Dungeon World. Its sections on dungeon and hex crawls are short and solid as a beer keg."
It was definitely the hardest to write of the five. In the other volumes, I had a skeleton to go off and a clear idea of what goes into it. In the GM guide, I was starting from scratch and relying a lot more on my own creativity. Simply figuring out what chapters to have (and not to have) took a very long time.
I consider that booklet my magnus opus in a way. I had set set myself the challenge of taking everything worthwhile I know about old school DMing and condensing it into a volume that is actually usable at the table and speeds up preparation. Really pleased to see it wasn't for nothing.

I've been glancing at 5TD, mostly a bit nervous that they were going to do a better job of it all than me. On the back of that review, I might pick it up and do a review myself. I think it's terrific the O5R movement is taking off in 2019!