Friday, 9 December 2022

I asked an AI to create a D&D setting for me

I went to and asked the following:

invent a new fantasy world and describe it to me, detailing a brief outline of its history, mythology, distinct characteristics and flavour. It should be a classical fantasy setting with a touch of sword and sorcery, D&D and a little bit of allusion to the middle ages.

Here is what it came back with:

In the land of Eldrida, magic and swordplay reign supreme. This world was once ruled by powerful wizards who wielded ancient, mystical powers. However, a great war between the wizards and the dragons nearly tore the world apart, leaving it scarred and desolate.

The survivors of the war banded together to form powerful factions, each with their own unique culture and traditions. The noble knights of the White Keep, sworn to protect the realm at all costs, roam the land on their majestic steeds. The cunning elven archers of the Wildwood, skilled in the ways of magic and stealth, lurk in the forests and defend their ancestral lands. And the dwarven warriors of the Iron Mountains, master craftsmen and fierce fighters, guard the precious resources of their mountain holds.

Despite their differences, the factions of Eldrida are united in their worship of the gods, who are said to have created the world and still watch over it from their celestial realms. The most powerful of these gods is the great dragon Ashtaar, who is said to have defeated the wizards in the great war and now serves as the guardian of the world.

The people of Eldrida are a hardy and resilient folk, accustomed to the harshness of the world they live in. They live their lives by the code of chivalry and honor, and value strength and courage above all else. Adventurers and mercenaries are common in this world, as there is always work to be found for those willing to brave the dangers of the wilds.

Despite the many challenges it faces, Eldrida is a world filled with wonder and beauty. Its rolling hills and verdant forests are home to a vast array of creatures, both friendly and dangerous. Its cities and towns are bustling centers of commerce and culture, where the brave and the bold come to make their fortunes. And its ancient ruins and hidden treasures hold secrets that have yet to be uncovered.

There is stuff to work with here. I like the idea of a setting dominated and defined by  ancient and powerful factions to keep the world in a safer status quo than in former times. Aka wizard times. On top of that, it seems that the dragons won the war and the dragon god is basically the self appointed protector of the world now. And worship of said protector is basically what unites the factions.