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D&D taught me English

I was flipping through the my copy of the AD&D 2e Player's handbook and noticed something I had forgotten was there - My own scribblings in the equipment charts, translating most of the entries to Danish. It brought back memories of when and how I got into AD&D. I was about nine years old and wanted to graduate to what I perceived to be the holy grail of roleplaying. Except, I wouldn't start english classes in school for another year and the cover of the book even said "for ages 10 and up".  I was an active reader for my age though and knew some basic english by osmosis, simply from hanging out with my older siblings who were taught it, and connecting Danish sub-titles to spoken English on tv. So that year for those summer holidays in our summer house, my primary reading consisted of the Player's Handbook and a big fat dictionary. And whenever I came across a word I couldn't pick up from context, I'd look it up (I still remember sitting in that sof