I just picked up the original 1e boxed sets for Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms

 30 dollars a pop on ebay from the same seller. Good deal I think.

The Greyhawk set is missing the maps, but I have the sturdier versions from the folio already so no loss for me

I have owned both in pdf for a good while, but having physical copies is definitely different. I have had the 2e set of Forgotten Realms since the 90s and the Folio of Greyhawk since the 00s, so it will be interesting to compare these two to them. I will probably blog on this soon.


  1. That's a steal!

    Probably much cheaper than when they were new now.

  2. Wow 30 bucks for the Grey Box? Complete? Lucky!
    Are you still working on the Companion Rules for Into the Unknown?

  3. Oooh, I loved grey box Realms. Full of evocative ideas and hooks while still giving plenty of room for a DM to make it their own.


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