Adventures in Middle Earth for D&D 5e pre-ordered

I just Pre-ordered Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide and Loremaster's Guide from Cubicle 7. Probably the first pre-order I've ever done as I normally like to wait for reviews. I am dead excited about this one. I bought The Heart of the Wild from them, knowing I would likely never play it, just to see their take on this type of area as a gaming setting - and loved it.

I have admired the craftmanship of ToR for a while, but also know that my gaming group dislikes spending time on learning a new system and convincing them to switch would be next to impossible.

Adventures in Middle Earth not only allows me to pitch a "Middle Earth Done Right" campaign with 5e - But from looking at their FAQ, it seems they plan on re-tooling classes and backgrounds to suit Middle Earth. Presumably making them much less overt and more setting-grounded flavourful than the 'sling fireball / epic smite'  style of D&D.

I am also eagerly anticipating what promises to be the the most qualified re-tooling of D&D for low-fantasy genre made, with a view for swiping it for my own low fantasy campaigns. Proper 5e support for this genre would be fantastic.

Now all I need is for  Flatland Games to re-tool Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures as a 5e enhancement supplement and all my subtle-power/high-flavour needs shall forever be satisfied.


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