Preview: "Into the Unknown - Book 2: Playing the Game" (lite 5e compatible OSR game)

I did it - I actually managed to finish a project. Or part of it at least.

Available for your consumption is

Book 2: Playing the Game 
Into the Unknown - A 5e compatible game for OSR gaming.

This is basically the rules for 5e D&D, excluding magic, chargen and DM specific stuff packed into a mere 24 large-font pages of rules, with artwork on top. Probably could have made it into 22, if not for the 2½ pages of attribute descriptions I wanted to include.

Rule differences from 5e in this booklet: 

  • Harsher rules for healing
  • Looser definition of long and short rest
  • Dropping to 0 hp causes exhaustion
  • Proficiency areas based on class and background instead of skills (this will be detailed more in Book 1 for chargen)
  • Proficiency advantage
  • Fighters get proficiency bonus to improvising stunts in combat
  • A few optional rules for firing onto melee and succeeding at a cost
The main differences will be found in the other booklets, most notably Book 1 on chargen and Book 4 on How to GM (spells and monsters will be made simpler as well in their booklets) where you will find the inspiration from B/X more visible.


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